About Lydia


I’m Lydia, a North Liberty transplant since 2005, born and raised in rural Iowa.

I grew up on a farm in the 80s (I’m dating myself, yikes) in a teeny-weeny town you’ve probably never heard of. After community college, I moved to Iowa City, got a business degree and a job in marketing (which I still do full-time), and later an MBA. 

The husband and I created two humans: a daughter who likes to dye her hair different colors and a son who knows about a billion animal facts. They’re often my unwilling models, and are easily bribed with screen time.

Fun fact: I kept my last name when I got married, Fine, because it’s awesome and I love it. 

Words of Affirmation are my love language and I’m an Enneagram 2 (“The Helper”), which means I’m a friendly people-pleaser and I secretly fear I’m not good enough. I’m not perfect, not one bit, so don’t worry about putting on airs around me. Real life is messy. *shrug* 

And most importantly, I can’t wait to meet you.


Lydia Fine with son making silly face, black and white photo
Lydia Fine with son making silly face and daughter making silly face.
Family of 4 in front of a MKE sign in Milwaukee, WI
North Liberty Photographer


How I got here

“Hey LYDIA, CAN YOU take a picture of us for our Christmas card with your nice camera?”

Basically, that’s my Origin Story. I took my friend’s photos, and they were total crap, but I was hooked.

Give me all your grumpy dads and kids; I’m here for it. In fact, I’m married to a certified Picture-Day Hater, so I’m not fazed a bit.

That’s why we spend about fifteen seconds getting that “everyone smile and look at the camera” shot, and move on to the fun stuff.

Your entire experience with me is important, but ultimately, I want you and your family to have FUN at your session.

When I create images that focus on the relationships and connections between people… well, it feels pretty great. If that’s what you’re after, we’re going to get along wonderfully.

Header photo: (c) Jessica Schroeder Photography

Fun facts about me


Offspring Birthed

One girl, one boy, both amazing and both created in a laboratory. Yay for science!


School Classmates

I grew up on a farm in a wee town named Moulton. Points if you can find it on a map!


Languages Spoken

Es obvio que es mi segunda idioma, pero me las arreglo.


Years of Marriage

He’s a professional stand-up comic, and yes, he tries out his jokes on me. They’re not always funny.

North Liberty Photographer

My favorite things

chocolate peanut butter Cheerios

supporting the ALS Association of Iowa and families affected by ALS

mules at tin roost with my best girlfriends

the sound of my children laughing

pineapple basil Press hard seltzer

fried brussel sprouts (nom nom)

being a national weather service storm spotter (nerd alert!)

a satisfying backhand-roundhouse combo

doing the Wordle with my mom

staying up too late reading

podcasts: radiolab, planet money, storycorps, and freakonomics

attempting to grow stuff (and not kill it) in my backyard

Choose Your Adventure


See more about the sessions, including pricing, packages, and galleries chock-full of example photos.

North Liberty Photographer


Every family looks different, and that's fine by me. My job is to coax out the unique YOU-ness of your family. All you need to do is show up ready to love on your family and laugh.

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North Liberty Photographer

Lifestyle Newborn

Relaxed, in-home sessions with no baskets, headbands, or buckets. Just baby and parents (plus any siblings or furry friends) doing what they do best: being together.

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Senior Photo Sunset Blonde Girl Apollo & Ivy Photography Iowa


Bespoke and uniquely designed senior photo sessions for young people who want to step outside the cookie-cutter senior photo box.

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North Liberty Photographer

Fine Art School Photos

These aren't your mama's school photos. I deliver natural-light photographs that are timeless and beautiful works of art you'll treasure for years.

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"My kids had a blast."

“Lydia with Apollo & Ivy is money well-spent. Great communication before the session, and lots of laughs and candid moments during your photo session. My kids had a blast.”

—Sarah L.