At your family photography session, perfectly behaved is not the goal. Because if I’m being honest, ‘perfect’ makes for pretty boring pictures.

Your family session is all about letting your children be their own unique brand of human. I don’t expect them to be little angels—I want them to run, jump, play, laugh, roll in the leaves, tackle Dad, tickle their siblings, and laugh until their stomach hurts.

We’re freezing a real moment of your life—not “Instagram real,” but true life with kids, in all its messy chaos and disheveled delight.

I’ll take care of cultivating the chaos—all you need to do is smile, enjoy your small humans, love on your babies and your partner, and soak it all in. You’ll love what we create together.

See what you can expect by perusing my family photography portfolio. When you’re ready to take the next step, see family session pricing.