Wardrobe Styling

“This sucks, I give up!”

That’s certainly what I said to myself the last time I attempted to choose outfits for family photos!

I stood before a smattering of clothing items strewn across the floor and threw up my hands. Well, I actually threw all the clothes in the corner and made myself a cocktail.

Sound familiar?

What you wear in your photos matters, and good outfit selection doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

After working with a stylist for my own family photos, I wanted to offer the same service to families I photograph.

Problem: meet solution.

family photo styling

How it works

  1. Your stylist starts gathers information about you and your family: style, budget, existing items you want to incorporate.
  2. Next, the stylist goes to work putting together outfits according to your budget. She’ll create a “mood board” of items for your entire family (example below).
  3. You’ll work together to decide on outfits. She sends links to purchase any items you need.
  4. If something is out of stock, or doesn’t fit, she’ll suggest alternatives. Voila! Done!
Mood board for family photos

Things to know

  • We need at least three weeks to style your family before your session. This allows time to return/exchange any items that don’t fit.
  • Communication is key. If you have a certain “look” in mind, let the stylist know up front so she can nail your style the first time.
  • Budget friendly. Using the styling service doesn’t have to mean buying all new stuff. Amber can help you shop your closet as well as picking out key new items.

Styling Fee


For families of 4 or fewer

(Add $10 per person for families of 5+)


The styling fee is based on headcount; every person in a family requires effort to coordinate with the rest.

Remember, you are responsible for the cost of any items you decide to purchase, but we’ll only suggest items that are within your budget.

family photo styling

How to get started with styling

Tell me you’d like to add styling and we’ll be off and runnin’.

After paying the styling fee, you’ll complete the Styling Form, and your stylist will be in touch from there!ย 

family photo styling

About the Stylist: Meet Amber

You know that stylish friend who always looks good, even when she’s bare-faced and covered in sweat? That’s Amber. ๐Ÿ˜€

Amber uses her keen eye for colors and patterns to find items you’ll love that boost your confidence on picture day.

She knows the drill when dressing littles, mediums, and teens. And she loves helping families choose their wardrobe for family photos.

family photo styling