What to wear for senior photos

What to wear for senior photos

Look like you, but even more awesome than usual.

Senior photo outfits are hard because there are SO MANY options.

So let’s make it easy.

We’re going to structure it into three “buckets,” with the goal of choosing one outfit from each bucket. Let’s get after it.

#1: The dressy senior photo outfit

For girls, this usually means a dress or a skirt. Prom-level fancy is too much here, but there are many levels below Prom that are still plenty fancy.

For guys, think suit or maybe a button-down shirt with a blazer or jacket.

I love how Camry paired her LBD (little black dress) with a completer piece, the denim jacket, for a slightly more casual vibe, but the elegant heels take it all up a notch. Plus, the nude tone of the heels elongates her legs and makes her look taaaaaaalllll!

Matt loooooved this suit and we knew from the get-go that it would be part of his session. He chose a blue tie and navy vest that complemented his blue eyes.

#2: The casual senior photo outfit

Think of this category as, Too nice to wear to school, but not nice enough for something fancy. For gals, this can still be a dress, but perhaps with more casual shoes (boots, or even sneakers are a great way to de-fancify a dress). A skirt with a cute top is another idea.

For guys, jeans or structured shorts are great, or something similar. For shirts, sweaters and button-downs (usually short-sleeve) are also popular.

Ryan’s sweater was the perfect mix of sharp, but not fancy. Olivia’s outfit worked perfectly with the fall backdrop and her hair, while those ecru jeans elevated the whole outfit.

#3: The means-something-to-you outfit

A volleyball jersey, your favorite beat-up sneakers, Grandpa’s hand-me-down blazer, your favorite sports team, or a hoodie from your future college… the sky’s the limit. The only rule is that it has to mean something.

The little touches with meaning in your photos are what you’ll point out your kids… in about 25 years. Trust me.

Grace’s All-Stars sneakers were a must-have for her, and they paired great with her eyelet dress.

Olivia’s bold-print pants were right in line with her personal style (and look at the fantastic texture her sweater adds… subtle, but impactful).

Sam is a fan of pairing up clothing items that don’t traditionally “go” together: a white tank with dress pants and sneakers, in this case.

Matthew wanted to include his love of Formula 1 racing in his senior photos, and this tee (plus a Red Bull hoodie, not pictured) was a great way to do just that.

Next up: some do’s and don’ts

Okay, now that you’re thinking about the big “buckets” of wardrobe, I’ll cover a few key do’s and don’ts in my next post. Stay tuned!


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